About The Mage

Apple Cider flies on a purple flamebird, with pink goggles on.

Apple Cider is:

  • Level 85 Gnome Mage
  • Recovering altoholic
  • Mount and pet collector
  • Achievement hunter
  • Explorer
  • Ever-faithful progression raider
  • and rad feminist.

Cider has been blogging since 2009 in various places, including for such online publications such as WoW Insider. She’s also guest-posted on Variant Avatar and WoW_Ladies. When not blogging, she enjoys playing video games, cooking, reading non-fiction books, and taking pictures.

Credit to Wowhead for the Hot Apple Cider tooltip.


One response

  1. I’m following you on Twitter – this is a great blog ….I think…although I confess at this point to be a little confused about the cider recipe….I’m real old, so it may take me awhile…this may be way too hip for me, but we’ll see….lovely masthead….lovely presentation
    I made some great Free Paris buttons – pink and black – want one?…they went like hotcakes maybe because they were free and it was mostly to an Oakland – Berkeley crowd, nonetheless they were a hit….keep up the good work

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