You Can Take the Gnome Out of the Raid

Tarecgosa roaring in front of Wyrmrest Temple.

But you can’t always take the raid out of the gnome.

While I’ve been meaning to write a keybinding guide/exploration, or perhaps a post on any number of topics, the holidays and wrapping up the last couple weeks of my job have been slaughtering my motivation to blog. However, one thought has really stuck in my craw enough to make me write a blog post.

Last night, my little social guild grouped up and did their weekly LFR run together. This is a lot of fun for us; we sit on Mumble and crack jokes on bad players, talk about other stuff and sometimes even alcohol is involved. It is a great way for us to see raid content together but the stress of people feeling terrible or unused to raid mechanics is gone. I consider it preparing people gear-wise and knowledge-wise for an eventual 10man. We cleared through both segments of Dragon Soul fairly handily. On Ultraxion, I won the chest tier piece. I was shocked! I have been running LFR for quite a number of weeks now and aside from my guildmate giving me the Insignia of the Corrupted Mind last night, this was the first piece of gear I had won fair and square. I was so excited!

Except then a druid piped up that I was wearing a 391 tier chest from Firelands. I was, wasn’t I? The tier pieces from LFR are 384. I immediately felt stupid. Did I forget that LFR gear isn’t necessarily* better than the 391s I was dripping in? Or the legendary staff I have strapped to my back? I probably looked like an overentitled jerkbag just then. As much as I’d love 2 or 4-set tier bonus for the delicious haste, is it really better mathematically than the 391 Tier 12 I’m currently wearing? What struck me immediately after that thought was this one:

Does it even matter?

I always made this argument when I saw people in various communities who only ran heroics complaining that they didn’t have access to raid gear. If you didn’t do raids, why would you need that level of gear. I find myself in this position now. While everyone has access to raid gear now via LFR (which is awesome), the fact of the matter is that I am no longer raiding but outgear the LFR in most ways, and find myself without even so much as a casual 10-man now. Do I really need to be doing LFR at all?  This is a question I wrestle with now. I’ve been part of the gear grind for so long, that long eternal lock-step of BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, BEST-IN-SLOT that now I have no idea what to do with myself. I’m not pushing content even on normal and theoretically I don’t need the gear out of LFR to do heroics. While running LFR is nice for capping valor points or updating certain slots, I sorta wonder (for the first time since 4.3) dropped what I really am going to do with myself. It’s been nice to have free time but I feel suddenly devoid of things to do on my main. I’ve been leveling a tank alt in my free time as well as my second mage, but this is the first time I feel like I’ve “finished” a character.

So for as much as I have “quit” raiding, some part of me still hasn’t. I think last night was a bit of a wake-up call.



5 responses

  1. Meh. No, ya don’t need LFR loot, but neithers do the folks clearin’ LFR in sub-391 gear. Ya rolls on loot ’cause is fun fer ta get it. Don’t think on it too hard.

    Havin’ BiS gear fer all the content yer gonna do in an expansion is a definition of “finished”, but is not the only one. Rep, titles, mog sets, pvp, pets, random weird achievements all be other things ya can “finish”, if’n they appeals. We all gots fer ta figger out our own funs, though.

  2. The title of this post is brilliantly perfect. And I can easily say that you can never quite get that itch fully scratched, but that can be a good thing yes? ^^

    That’s one of the biggest features of WoW that a lot of folks overlook. The “what now?” can be answered in so many ways. New class, PvP, Rated BG’s, Loremaster, Professions, Pokemon (soon) =P

    As Ratshag said, I wish you the best in your search for the “what’s next” and of course a great deal of enjoyment in whatever you do! LFR with your guild with alcohol involved is AMAZING fun, even if you don’t roll on loot ^_^

  3. Stop and enjoy the sights!

    I was in a similar boat for the longest time. During vanilla and TBC I was a hardcore raider that pushed content and enjoyed the hell out of it. If I wasn’t in-game fighting a boss, I was working spreadsheets or trying to figure out what my BiS upgrades were. I spent some time leading raids or class groups, doing anything I could to get a better grip on the game itself.

    And then WotLK came, and I found myself without a raid on a very dead server… yet I didn’t want to leave my friends. So I had to do without.

    I ended up quitting for a few months, as I kept finding myself in this loop of basically trying to min-max heroic and badge gear. Nothing felt fun, and I became one of those log-on-sit-quit players. It stung to not be the best. It sounds lame, but there was some sort of nerdy pride in being the geared warlock everyone went to for help.

    I eventually came back and shifted gears to focus primarily on RP. Still, though, every now and then a part of me will perk up at the chance of raiding, or filling someone in at how to play. While I haven’t done it in at least a year at this point, I still miss it, and whenever I touch that LFR button I get that itch to return back to that part of the game. For now, though, I’m comfortable with just sitting quietly in the back, handing out advice when asked.

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