Discussion Post: Thoughts on Patch 4.3 So Far?

Apple Cider flies on a purple flamebird, with pink goggles on.

Well patch 4.3 finally showed up! I logged on and promptly got to work throwing together transmogrification outfits for all my characters…well once I got my add-ons and UI squared away. Turns out ElvUI decided to redesign most of it’s configure panel, as well as some of the integral parts of the layout. Cue an hour of fussing with how it looks and re-adjusting and resetting my keybinds.

Last night was rather frustrating for a lot of reasons, but it was to be expected. Patch days are always unstable and Blizzard has done a good job making sure they aren’t earth-shatteringly  terrible as of late. However, I didn’t even get to queue for any of the new dungeons since wait times were an hour-and-then-some and our queue kept dropping mysteriously. One group of people in my guild got to do all three of them together so we got the guild achievements for that.

How was your Patch Day? Was it as annoying as mine? Or were you partying with Illidan and the Dragon Soul?


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  1. Since we’re a day behind here in EU, patch day is today, and while I have heard servers are up early it doesn’t make much of a difference for me since i’m at work.

    Tonight i’ll probably do some of the 5-mans on my Death Knight (with guildies hopefully) – my mage has the proper ilvl thanks to PvP gear, but that’s about it … don’t wanna OOM every other trash pull :(

    Digging the purple look you got there!

  2. They obviously ironed out any issues they had on you lot. My server was up at 7am, rather than the advertised 11 am and was completely hiccup free.

    Those shades were an inspired choice, matching perfectly with your mount. I am slightly jealous, mainly because I put little effort into actually rounding up the stuff I wanted for transmogrification and so am ever so slightly mismatched atm.

    • Since I’m not an engineer, i saved those goggles since leveling in burning crusade in case i ever wanted to dress up with goggles. I also swapped my non-heroic gloves model to tier 6 to match in purple. I haven’t really been dedicated to getting mog gear unfortunately just a packrat.
      Glad to hear stuff works.

  3. Nice ‘mog! Impressive you managed to match the purple mount. It’s so purple!

    Our server came up okay at about 3pm though I didn’t get to log in till 5 minutes before raid. Most of my add-ons were okay, though DBM kept yelling at me about something something everytime I zoned into an instance, but otherwise it was fine. Bartender, SUF, etc. were all behaving themselves.

    The instance servers were very stable. We cleared 3/8 pretty quickly. The early bosses are rather easy and I imagine we’ll get the shaman tonight pretty quickly as well, and if the Twilight Dragon dies, then loot-ship seems easy. Wish we had a third night this week to work on Spine!

    After raid I queued up with some guildies to knock out one of the dungeons, though other guildies had cleared them all earlier for the guild achievements.

    A pretty good patch day!

  4. My TukUI got a redesign too, and I got pissy and had to go back the the old version. I dislike change. I also had to change a line or two in my carbonite addon, but other than that I was surprised with how smoothly my addon updates went. :P

    I’m loving the new PvP changes (yay conquest points!). I did a few BGs, and WSG seemed to be a little glitchy (flags not capping properly or being returned), but other than that it was pretty smooth.

    Just a reminder for people who to intend to pvp or whatever: DON’T BUY PVP GEAR FOR A WEEK OR SO! All the purchasable gear right now will be obsolete after the 6th or so. (It takes a few days after a new patch for the arena season to get itself together properly.) If you want a proper pvp set, just work on capping justice and honor.

  5. Thoughts so far:

    -Ultraxion is real simple, but fuck I’d forgotten what a real DPS check feels like. Or what failing one feels like. Ow, my ego.
    -Transmogrification is awesome.
    -Darkmoon Faire is neat, but the rate of return on the tickets is so low compared to the rate you get them that I can’t be bothered to care. The one-week-out-of-a-month thing hamstrings it.
    -Transmogrification is real awesome.
    -LFR is pretty cool too. Wasn’t surprising to one shot everything but Hagara, who got two-shot. Good way to kill time.

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